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Our mission is to be the lumberyard for Connecticut contractors by providing a broad selection of products with the maximum level of knowledge. We aim to continue to serve the community with an accessible staff and management team that respects the individual dignity of every business partner, colleague, and customer. We promote leadership and challenge every member of our team to communicate, grow, and retain relationships in order to ensure we build a strong future.

Our combination of extremely experienced sales professionals combined with a fully functional interior door and trim shop set us apart from the competition. With 35 years and thousands of pre-hung doors and pre-made molding surrounds under our belt, we pride ourselves on old world experience combined with modern processes. Our processional boom operators can lift and place doors and trim up to 3 stories for our customers convenience. We understand the importance of how to make the contractor’s labor load less and by partnering with our talents making their profitability higher defining a true professional relationship.

Trade Supply Group operates companies that specialize in the distribution of building materials for trade and retail customers. Each company’s management operates autonomously while benefiting from the economies of scale that come from being part of a larger organization. TSG operations and culture are directed towards achieving best-in-class performance that delivers the best possible service for our customers.